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2 clevis end hydraulic cylinders in yellow and black colours

Clevis End Hydraulic Rams

At Catford Engineering we offer a wide range of hydraulic products. Browse our clevis end hydraulic cylinders specifications and pricing below.

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ISO 3834-2 (Fusion Welding Process)

3 yellow clevis end hydraulic rams

Clevis End Hydraulic Rams Specifications

Cylinder Type:Double Acting with Clevis end
4 Port Cylinder:Allowing simple easy access around machinery brackets
Cylinder Working Pressure:210 Bar – 3045 PSI
Seals Maximum Operating Pressures and Conditions:
  • Pressures: 414 Bar – 6000 PSI
  • Temperature: -30C to +110C
  • Speed: 0.5 Metres Per Second
  • Shock and Load Holding Capabilities
  • Double acting K-DAS piston seal providing positive displacement under all rated pressure situations
Rod Material & Hardening:
  • EN8D/C45 round bar
  • Toughened and Induction Hardened
  • Chrome Thickness: 20 to 30 Microns hard chromed piston rod for superior corrosion resistance
Tube Material:
  • CDS ST52/E355 steel tube
  • Seamless steel tube accurately honed to ensure smooth operation and extended seal life
End Head, Rod End and Piston Material:EN8D/C45 tensile strength – 650 N/mm^2
Gland Material:SG IRON SG500/7 Spheroidal Graphit Cast Iron
Colour:Choice of Industrial Gloss Yellow or Industrial Gloss Black
Machining Tolerances:
  • All threads machined to 2A/B specification
  • All pin holes machined to D9 tolerance
  • All machine surface finishes to 3.2um Ra.

Clevis End Hydraulic Cylinders Pricing

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